For Vendors

Before You Bid or Solicit Business

Always feel free to contact the Buyer for the commodity for which you want to solicit business. Our buyers are trained professionals ready to help you in how to do business with GSU.
A Commodity to Buyer Cross Reference is available. A Brochure about Purchasing in .pdf format can be downloaded and printed. Vendor Guides - Detailed information on the state's procurement process

How we buy from Outside Vendors

Many purchases may be made directly by departments, but some must be processed by Purchasing due to their dollar value or the nature of the purchase. Virtually all purchases of $5,000 and above must be made via a Purchase Order issued by Purchasing. Consult the Dollar Value Grid to determine if the purchase will require processing by Procurement Services or if your department may order it directly. Details on downloadable forms are listed here. Details on policies are listed online here.

Registration of Vendors

Vendor Registration - Vendors do not register directly with GSU. Vendor Registration for purposes of bids is handled through DOAS - State Purchasing. You will find information on how to register at and then link through to "Procurement". There you will find information about how to register your company to do business with the State and State Agencies.  The DOAS Vendor Database serves as the GSU vendor database. The DOAS Vender Registration System is a web-based system by which vendors can register their firms with the state of Georgia. The system allows vendors to select the products and services provided by their firms, using NIGP Codes (The numeric coding system used by the state of Georgia for identifying products and services for solicitation and vendor registration). The system is self-maintained, and vendors are responsible for updating their registration information. Once completed, the vendor's firm is entered into the vendor database. Vendors are encouraged to sign-up for e-mail RFQ notification, a free service from DOAS.  . Business Opportunities - RFQ's DOAS maintains a listing of all competitive RFQ's at All GSU RFQ's valued at $10,000 or more will be posted there and can be found by searching under the 'open' category Subsequent award information will be posted under the 'awarded' category. DOAS also maintains an e-mail notification system that will alert vendors to all bid opportunities. Further information can be found in the vendor information section at in the Procurement subsection. Law As a public institution the University is governed by the Official Code of Georgia. Other laws and regulations also may apply to all or only certain types of purchases. Policy The Department of Administration Services, The Georgia Technology Authority, The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and Georgia State University all define policies that outline what we are required to do, by law, and by the combined policies of the State and the University. All activities carried out and administered by Purchasing are subject to these policies.