For Departments

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Technology Purchases

Technology Purchases may require additional approvals and review before a requisition is entered into Spectrum. Technology includes, but is not limited to computer software and hardware, audio/visual equipment and systems, research equipment and radio communication equipment and systems. Please consult the IS&T website for details on IT procurement procedure. And click here to download the IT Procurement Review Form.

Before You Buy

Always feel free to contact the Buyer for the commodity you are thinking about purchasing. Our buyers are trained professionals ready to help you get the best value for department's expenditure. A Brochure about Purchasing in .pdf format can be downloaded and printed. A Commodity to Buyer Cross Reference is also available by clicking here.

Buying From Outside Vendors

Many purchases may be made directly by departments, but some must be processed by Purchasing due to their dollar value or the nature of the purchase. Consult the Dollar Value Grid to determine if your purchase will require processing by Procurement Services or if your department may order it directly. Details on downloadable forms are listed here. Details on policies and procedures are listed online here.

Purchase Card

Click her to find out more info on Purchase card

Purchase Requisition

Goods and services values at $5,000 or greater, or are restricted to purchase only through the use of a purchase order may only be acquired through the submission of a Purchase Requisition. Purchase Requisitions should always be entered directly into the Spectrum System unless the department has received specific instruction to the contrary. Most orders will be facilitated by the department forwarding all relevant details that hey have gathered about the requested acquisition. Print out a copy of the Spectrum Requisition with the identifying number, attach copies of all documentation and forward to Purchasing. Following departmental approval via Spectrum routing, a buyer will receive and review the requisition and related documentation. The buyer will take the required steps depending on the type of purchase, create a Purchase Order to the selected supplier, and place the order. Processing times vary greatly by type and complexity of the purchase. Due to changes that are taking place with the implementation of the Georgia Technology Authority as well the planned change to a new Georgia Procurement Manual, processing times are currently in flux. For an estimate of processing time on any individual requisition, contact the buyer assigned to that particular requisition. Once the GTA and new GPM have been fully implemented and policies defined and stabilized, guidelines for expected processing times will be provided here. These times will be based on the receipt of all relevant details from the department before processing begins. Once a Requisition had been sourced to a Purchase Order, the Requisition will be canceled. In order to determine the Purchase Order that relates to a particular Requisition, use Spectrum and navigate to Go, Administer Procurement, Manage Purchase Orders, Inquire, Purchase Order, Header. Once there, in the Purchase Order Reference field, enter the % sign and the Requisition Number (e.g. %22455). The Purchase Order that was created using that Requsition Number will be displayed.

Paying Outside Vendors

Payment procedures vary depending on the method used to purchase. All payments for goods and services ordered via Purchase Order are processed by Disbursements. Vendors can not be paid until they are properly registered in Spectrum. If this has not happened, or if the payment address is different from that on file, the department may be asked to request a change in the vendor file. Purchasing Card payments are made directly by the University to Bank of America and are deducted from the account designated by the cardholder. Cardholders keep a log and receive a monthly statement for reconciliation. Invoices to be paid by Express Voucher should be sent to the department by the vendor. It is the department's responsibility to submit Express Vouchers promptly and correctly so that vendors receive timely payments, as required by law.


As a public institution the University is governed by the Official Code of Georgia. Policy The Department of Administration Services, The Georgia Technology Authority, The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and Georgia State University all define policies that outline what we are required to do, by law, and by the combined policies of the State and the University. All activities carried out and administered by Purchasing are subject to these policies.