Frequently Asked Questions

Shoppers, Requestors and Approvers need to be aware that Panther Mart is a public system and confidential information should not be saved or uploaded in attachments.
A: If the cart is still in draft mode the Shopper or Requestor will have a remove hyperlink next to the attachment.  If the cart has already been sent through workflow (but not yet fully approved), the Approvers can return the cart to the Requestor or Shopper and the ability to remove is restored.  Note that if a P.O. has already been created, the ability to remove is not available.
A: On the Panther Mart homepage you’ll find a link to a searchable spreadsheet that should assist you in finding category codes more easily.  In searching for example “Scholarship” I see an Account Code for Scholarships (781100) which is associated with the category code 96377 “Sponsorships (All Types)”.  We’ve also included an Asset subset tab.  For capital assets the category code and account code should include > $4,999.99 in the description. For small value assets, use one with a description which contains “$3,000 - $4,999”.
A: It sounds like what you have are notifications.  If when you first click on approvals it looks like below, just check the box I circled, and Remove all notifications and click Go.  They’ll all disappear.
A: Navigate in Panther Mart to Document Search, Open the Purchase Order in question and click on Invoices.  There you will see the Invoice Status.  If it’s been paid, click on the Voucher Number.  There you will see a method of payment, check number and date paid.
A:  If the vendor is already in Spectrum, email; include a phone number, email address and fax number if available.  That will speed up the process.  If the vendor is not in Spectrum, ask the vendor to complete a Vendor Profile Form and fax it to the number on the form.  It is a secure fax number.
A: email include a phone number, email address and fax number and attach the invoice with the new remittance address.
A:  Login to Panther Mart.  Click on the link in the email.  This will take you to your draft cart.  Click on the history tab.  You’ll see the error there.
A: In Panther Mart, click on Document Search.  Enter the Purchase Order Number. Click on the P.O. Number.  Check the Receiving Status.  If it’s anything other than Fully Received, there’s probably a problem with your receipt.  If the status is over received, you can enter an additional receipt with a negative sign (-) in front of the number of goods over received.  This can be a tricky process.  The first time, you should request assistance from the Help Desk at 3-HELP or
A: When a cart is returned, when it is resubmitted, the requisition number is retained.  The user most likely reused the cart for a different transaction.
A:You can access Panther Mart using the following URL: Type in your User ID (all caps), for password please use your CampusID password. If you have problems with the CampusID password, please contact the Help Desk at 404-413-4357 or visit
A:  The email approval code is like a password that you create so that you can approve items via email or your smartphone.  The code need only be set up once.  Enter your code on the user identification tab in your profile in Panther Mart.
A:  Check your role in Panther Mart by clicking on your profile.  If your role is Shopper, then you will be required to assign your cart to a requestor for further processing.
A: Effective October 1, 2012, non-catalog orders less than $3,000 will no longer require workflow approval by departmental approver(s). In other words, upon validation of budget and PO distribution (fax or email) to vendor, less than $3,000 orders processed by a requestor will be immediately processed through the system and transmitted to the vendor without stopping for departmental approval. However, these transactions will include a notification to the appropriate departmental approver(s) to make them aware of the transaction. In addition, once goods/services are received, a receipt must be processed in Panther Mart so payment can be made. We anticipate this change will facilitate quicker processing of your less than $3,000 transactions while keeping your departmental approver(s) informed. With this change, it is important that you review access for the individuals with requestor roles as these users will be able to make purchases less than $3000 with just a notification to the approvers. If there are questions, please contact Michael Davidson, Manager of Purchasing, at or 3.3154.
A:Browser recommendations: Windows: Internet Explorer (IE) 8, 9, 10; Chrome - latest version, automatically updated by Google; Firefox - latest version, automatically updated by Mozilla; Opera 10 and higher MacIntosh: Safari 4.0 and higher Firefox - latest version, automatically updated by mozilla iPad: Safari - embedded browser within the iPad DETAILS:
  • Firefox 3.6 and IE 7 are not recommended.
  • Email approvals are designed to work with embedded browsers for Android, Blackberry, and IPhone/Ipad mobile devices.  Readability of emails vary based on email client and formatting selected.
  • iPad is recommended by SciQuest, however not all Supplier punch-out sites will support use of this device.
  • Although Safari is recommended by SciQuest, not all Supplier punch-out sites support this browser.